I Will Be Back
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I Will Be Back

It is manmade. In every form, size and from whatever substance, earthly or ethereal.It shelters us from the natures` violent forces, as it hinders us to see the light, rising from the horizon.

It has become, true times, part of our heritage. Part of the genetical structure of our civilization.

WE ALL, women as men have had our share of rising them to heavens, or surrounding our nearest and dearest by them, condemning those to live in hell.

Deep inside, we are imprisoned by our own fears, prejudice and ignorance.

These invisible ones are the most vicious.

Therefore The emergence of the idea of FREEDOM.

I am talking about WALLs.

Farideh Shahsavarani

October 2010

I Will Be Back

 “I Will Be Back ….” Is a short film made by Farideh Shahsavarani in 2008-2009.  It`s story is about women. It`s happening on a mythical and elemental level. An earthbound naked world of soil and clay is the scenery. A human being comes to life from a metaphysical sphere and finds herself in a labyrinth, where she encounters the dark sides of humanity in the form of black clad, veiled women. Surrounded by passivity & stagnation, calamity & despair, anxiety & fear; she chooses to rise above by her will to move on, to flow.

Hence, maybe her minor salvation………., overcoming the earthly by spirit………

The film has been shot in the Ghagazanbil Ziggurat (near the ancient Shoosh, the capital of Elam) which had been an enormous religious complex around 2000 B.C

“I Will Be Back….” has been chosen by the Moscow International film Festival 2009, for the final competition in “Media Forum” section, which specializes in progressive / modern  multi-media art. It was the second year, one of   F. Shahsavaranis` video arts was chosen for this international film festival. In 2008 “I wrote, you read…” (About mass media) took part in the final competition.

Painting & photography has been F. Shahsavarani`s life for more than two decades. She seeks an immediate relation, a connection between her mind & soul, via her creation, with her contemporaries. She doesn`t strive for a place in art history.

Kamiar Faroughi : Director / Cinematographer

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I Will Be Back
I Will Be Back
I Will Be Back
I Will Be Back